Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fundraisers in the planning stages

Last night Nicole and Jessica (2 of my team-mates) came over and we talked about what we can do for the up-coming months.  I know we are going to have a dine to donate night, along with my start of a yearly fundraiser - Chippewa Valley Top Chef Chili Cook-off!  I am super excited for that.  If you think your chili is the best please contact me to learn more.  We are still in the planning for it but I am excited as I LOVE CHILI.  I am so glad last nights planning was good.

Now, on to my other challenge, my silly toe.  I really hope it gets better soon, this not being able to get into the gym is driving me nuts.  The swelling is starting to go down some so I am thinking, wishin, hopin that it won't be too much longer.  Hope you all had a great day today!  Welcome Winter back again!


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