Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Where are we at now?

Since the chili cook off and pizza ranch are done what's next?!?!?! Well I am excited to say that we have the 2012 Bowl For A Cure coming up, along with a night with the band IreSol at the MouseTrap bar.  Along with those 2 events we are going to be at Burrachos and Noodles & Co.  I am still selling bracelets along with some necklaces.  For pictures off all upcoming events you can check out my facebook page www.facebook.com/RachelsTrainingForACure also I am planning on getting my fundraising tab all caught up on here this week. Thank you to those who came out for the Pizza Ranch Tip Night - it was great.  Special Thank You to Jean McNair and Becky Nelson who helped Team UHC out, you both were a great help!
For my personal life, well its been crazy!  I have not been training like I should nor eating correctly.  After I get caught up with life this week my plan is to get back on track starting next Monday.  I need to get out and train, along with eating correctly.  I am tired of feeling drained and wore out when I shouldn't be. I am going to start over with my 100 day challenge and document my eating habits!  Please check-in and see how I am doing I will be documenting more also for all to see as I need the support!

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  1. Hi Rachel,

    I don't see an email for you so I'm leaving my response as a comment ;)

    Your paper must not be thick enough. Try adding a white circle of cardstock between your design and the magnet.

    Good luck!