Friday, March 9, 2012

Down To The Wire

We have come down to the last couple days before our Chili Cook Off!  I was on the sunrise show this past Monday Morning talking about it. Thank you WEAU for your support and having me on air.  Here is the video if you want to watch it.  Chili Cook Off (Sunrise Interview 3/5/12)

We have so many great things for the Silent Auction - here is a general list - Predator Football tickets, Eau Claire Express Baseball, scrapbooking, household decor, paint ball passes, movie tickets, homemade quilt, winery gift card, hair salons, and massages! Thank you to all who donated to the Silent Auction, Bake Sale, Chili, and your time. So many great items which I am super excited about.  One other thing I am excited about is trying all the different types of Chili that are going to be at this event, who is going to be the winner?  Please come out and enjoy ALL YOU CAN EAT chili for $5.00, and get some yummy sweets with it. 
Well enough about the Chili Cook Off, I really need to get my training in gear after this cook off.  I know we have some other fundraisers in the works which should be fun also.  I am a few weeks behind on my training but I know that I finished the Nike Womens back in October without proper training so I know I can do it. I do want to beat my first PR, which I also know I can do.  Starting next week I am planning on holding myself accountable for my training and eating and will be posting daily.  I hope you are all doing good!

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